July 30, 2016

Our Story

Little did we know that just a few keystrokes away we could find the true love of our lives.  Now most of you know what happened in our respective pasts, but we were both determined to allow trust and love back into our lives.  We both took a shot at, and boy are we glad that we did.  After several days of communicating back and forth through the website, we decided to take the next step and talk on the phone.  We ended up spending hours on the phone, not realizing just how soon we would have to be waking up.  But in all reality - it didn't matter all that much to us at the time.  After several more days of long conversations, Lauren arranged to meet Justin while he was working - he finally caught up with her in front of the cat litter section in target.  (How fitting).  Even there, we talked for a long time while he was at work, where we arranged for our first date the following day.

We met in Salisbury for our first date in November 2014, where we laughed and told stories until the restaurant closed and they kicked us out.  Lauren was exhausted and had to drive back to Delaware where she was living, so Justin, being the chivalrous man that he is, followed her all the way home to ensure that she made it safely. 

Justin always told Lauren that if he ever introduced Lauren to Ethan, that Lauren would be in trouble because that would mean that things had gotten serious.  On New Year Eve, Lauren found the second love of her life.  From the first moment they met, they have bonded and get along wonderfully and Ethan is excited to have her officially become a Giles.

Ever since the first date, our love for each other has strengthened and become deeper.  We are so excited to become one in marriage on July 30, 2016 and we hope that you can attend to celebrate this with us - as the first step to our new family.